Communities protesting against Las Bambas set up new conditions to negotiate with Peruvian government

According to local media, the letter demands that the Council hosts the meeting, which is scheduled for May 10, in the southern town of Pumamarca and not in the proposed Tambobamba community, seen by the PCM as ‘neutral.’ 

The missive also asks for the inclusion of another four farming communities that were not initially considered in the dialogue process, namely the Chuicuni, Pumamarca, Choaquere and Chilla communities. In previous media statements, the president of Fuerabamba, Edison Vargas, had already mentioned that the government had to consider dealing with all communities surrounding the mine and not just a couple. 

Activists from Fuerabamba and Huancuire entered the mine over three weeks ago and set up camp inside, forcing Las Bambas to suspend operations a week later. They allege the mine has not fully honoured previous commitments with them. Fuerabamba was resettled almost a decade ago to make way for the construction of Las Bambas. Huancuire has not been resettled but is opposing MMG’s plans to expand its mining operations closer to its territory.

Chinese-owned Las Bambas is one of the world’s top copper producers, responsible for 2% of the global supply. The mine is also key to Peru’s economy, accounting for 1% of the Andean nation’s gross domestic product.

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